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Mexican Missions Inc. is an Official 501 C3 Non-Profit Religious Organization Registered with the State Of Texas.  After the Homegoing of our Founder Edgar L. Stone in 2012, the ministry continues with the fervent assistance of his wife Lorene Stone, and his daughter Phyllis Stone Martin, featured at left, and his granddaughter Brandi Martin-Pope (not shown) and Son-In-Law Jerry R. (Rick) Martin.  We are committed to grow and nurture the ministry efforts along with the help of dozens of other precious helpers and supporters. We hope the information below helps you to get to know us better.

His Heart Was Always In Mexico...


One day at a time, Edgar Stone either built or helped to build 88 churches, 2 medical clinics, 2 youth camps and numerous houses for the Mexican people throughout the years. He also helped people with their medical needs and money for bills or food. He provided beds, bicycles, household goods, education for their children when needed and much more. He brought joy into their lives whenever he could, passing out candy to the kids whenever he visited and always displayed a visual example of the true meaning of the Love of God. 


In 2000, he started a women's sewing class in Reynosa, where the local women were taught a trade, and upon their certification, they were able to improve their lifestyle by being able to get a job or  to secure income by sewing for others in their community. He provided each graduate a good, used sewing machine, sewing supplies and materials so they could continue to use their new found skills at home. Students of the Bible School were also offered music, electrical and computer classes for them to use in their endeavors after graduation.


Gifted with a resonant tenor voice, he sang and worshipped his Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. The people of Mexico loved to hear him sing and preach and he loved them beyond measure. His heart was always in Mexico, ministering and helping the people. As a pioneer missionary he traveled the highways and byways often by bus to deliver needed goods, clothing and food to villages and churches whenever he was able. His vision was to have a Bible School for the Mexican nationals who wanted to serve as ministers, pastors, and teachers or those interested in child evangelism. A place where they could learn to become licensed ministers and then return to their homes to minister to their own people. 












In the beginning of his ministry, at Christmas, he would travel to the villages giving little toy cars to the boys and dolls to the girls, with candy and fruit for everyone. We continue to deliver gift boxes or gift bags that have been donated to the ministry just as he wished. 


During prayer, Edgar had sensed the calling to become a missionary to Mexico even prior to his service in the United States Army in 1941. He knew he would become one, it was only a matter of time and patience. He served in France during the war as a dental assistant and assistant chaplain. During his time in France he ministered to 100 American Soldiers that were prisoners in the local prison. All but one accepted Christ as their Savior during that prison service. Upon returning from France after 2 years, he knew the call to Mexico was on his life and he was determined to get there. It was in June of 1950 that he and his wife, Lorene, were able to start his missionary journey to Mexico City. 


Married to Lorene Young April 13, 1941, they celebrated their 70th anniversary April 13, 2011 and looked forward to their 71st. Unfortunately for Mexico, and for us, Edgar Stone moved into eternity on February 25th of 2012.


Edgar L. Stone is buried in Shamrock Cemetery in Shamrock, Creek County, Oklahoma.


Our ministry is continuing to carry on the great legacy built by Edgar, a Servant of God, whose heart was always in Mexico.

That vision became a reality when he formed a non-profit religious organization called Mexican Missions Incorporated in 1961. That same year he opened Victoria Bible Institute in Reynosa, Tamp, Mexico. Victoria Bible Institute was a live on campus 3 year study program that produced 575 graduate ministers between 1961 and 2000.  A small school by choice, there was nothing small in it's effectiveness to train ministers in the work of the Lord. Since 2000, Victoria Bible Institute has changed to accelerated evening and weekend studies at the Edgar L. Stone Foundation Victoria Activity Center and continues the work that he started right up to this present day. 


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